Price for Lithium-Ion-Systems decreased in 2021

As a recent study published by Bloomberg NEF confirms, prices for lithium-ion battery systems have fallen by 6% on average compared to the previous year. The average price per kWh was 132 USD. For electric vehicles, the price was even below this average at 118 USD (system-level) and 97 USD (cell-level).


According to the study there are two main drivers for this cost reduction:

1. The high level of R&D and innovation activities further accelerated lithium-ion development in recent years and leads to more efficient and optimised processes.

2. More and more batteries use cheaper cell chemistries such as LFP, which further reduce the price per kWh.


With the ECO2LIB project, we are determined to contribute towards making Lithium-Ion-Batteries on the one hand even more affordable and on the other hand also more sustainable.

Source: battery-news.de