ECO²LIB: Building up the success of lithium-ion batteries
Publications · 13. May 2024
An article has been published in Innovation News Network, summarising the ECO2LIB project.

ECO2LIB at the final CoFBAT meeting
Other projects and activities · 31. March 2024
ECO2LIB partners Nicolas Bucher and Roland Brunner were invited to present some results of ECO2LIB at the final CoFBAT event.

General Assembly Meeting in Austria
Meetings · 03. March 2024
With the ECO2LIB project coming to an end in the summer, we had a very productive General Assembly meeting in beautiful Southern Styria to streamline the activities, steps and roadmap for the final months.

Joint Paper on the impact of SEI reformation published
Publications · 28. June 2023
A new paper on the impact of SEI reformation has been published by ECO2LIB partners MCL Leoben, University of Warwick and VARTA Innovation.

General Assembly Meeting in Nördlingen
Meetings · 03. March 2023
M36 General Assembly Meeting at VARTA in Nördlingen.

New paper published on Solid Polymer Electrolytes
Publications · 09. January 2023
A new paper on Solid Polymer Electrolytes (SPE) has been published by project partner Uppsala University.

Fifth Project Newsletter available
14. July 2022
The fifth ECO2LIB newsletter has been published.

M30 General Assembly Meeting in Warsaw
Meetings · 01. July 2022
The M30 General Assembly Meeting of ECO2LIB took place on the 22. and 23. June 2022 in Warsaw, Poland.

Fourth Project Newsletter available
31. January 2022
The fourth ECO2LIB newsletter has been published.

Virtual M24 Meeting
Meetings · 20. January 2022
On Wednesday, 17th January 2022, the M24 General Assembly Meeting of the ECO2LIB project took place virtually.

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